What we do

Helping you remove your 
carbon emissions

To limit global warming to 1.5°C, the world needs to permanently sequester or re-use 7.6 gigatons of CO2 annually by 2050*.

ECOLOG is offering a viable solution in CCUS to achieve this target.

*IEA figures

Midstream expertise

Your valued partner along the CCUS supply chain

  • Building a 50 million ton per annum CO2 decarbonisation solution
  • State of the art terminal and ship design
  • Clean cargoes and clean ships
  • High quality operating platform
  • Strategic Alliances across the supply chain

Leveraging economies of scale across the CCUS supply chain

We take responsibility of our customers' CO2 from pipeline to sequestration. The full service we provide helps accelerate the global decarbonisation challenge.

  • Components of the supply chain are proven, reliable and scalable
  • Customer delivers CO2 gas to an ECOLOG liquefaction export terminal after which ECOLOG ensures safe and permanent disposal
  • ECOLOG will own, operate and have access to a network of terminal infrastructure and storage locations with CO2 moving by a dedicated fleet of ECOLOG owned and operated CO2 carriers
  • ECOLOG has strategic partners along the CCUS supply chain