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Net Zero means the world to us
Committed to a Sustainable Future

Your midstream solution at scale for Carbon Capture and Storage

We are ECOLOG, a mid-stream CO2 services company dedicated to net zero and supporting urgent action on climate change.

We are developing the world’s first large scale CO2 service platform in the Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Sequestration supply chain. We connect emitters with the lowest cost CO2 storage or highest value re-use worldwide. ECOLOG is building a business that can liquefy, transport and store 50 million tons of CO2 annually anywhere in the world.

ECOLOG is a key part of solving your carbon emissions challenge. Find out more about what we do

How we do it

Economically connecting emitters to sequestration or re-use sites

Creating the infrastructure and virtual pipeline at scale that helps businesses remove their carbon emissions safely, reliably and more economically.

How we do it
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Why us

A greater peace 
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We are responsible for safe and reliable storage of your carbon emissions. With our scale and experience, we can remove more of your CO2 emissions so you can focus on more on your customers and services.

Why us
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ECOLOG, helping you decarbonise your business