Making the Energy Transition a reality

Hydrogen is an integral solution to global decarbonisation.
The cheapest hydrogen is produced in those places with the highest concentration of wind, sun and hydro power. ECOLOG’s liquid hydrogen midstream services connect low cost producers with global offtakers.
ECOLOG is developing liquid hydrogen vessels, storage terminals, regasification and transhipment facilities, we provide a safe and cost effective supply chain for the global distribution of hydrogen.

ECOLOG has taken the learnings of over 50 years of moving natural gas as a liquid, and applied this to the transportation of hydrogen using the same supply chain components:

  • With the assistance of the world’s leading cryogenic specialists, ECOLOG has developed a large scale supply chain that is well suited to the size of projects being developed today. Liquefaction and storage has taken significant technological leaps enabling the liquefaction and transportation of hydrogen at an unprecedented scale.
  • Utilising the industrial specialisation of the leading liquid hydrogen storage tank manufacturers, ECOLOG has developed the world’s first large scale liquid hydrogen vessels, with technology which minimises boil-off during the voyage, and delivers 2,000 metric tonnes of hydrogen per voyage.
  • Utilising proven liquid hydrogen storage and regasification technology, ECOLOG has developed the world’s largest liquid hydrogen export and import terminals, with locations currently under development in Europe and Asia
  • Liquid Hydrogen received at the terminal can be regasified and distributed via pipeline or retained as liquid and transported further by barge, isotainer via truck or rail, or other methods supplying large and small offtakers until distribution networks mature.


Creating the infrastructure to transport our future energy

ECOLOG is developing essential liquid hydrogen import capacity in markets where decarbonization is in high demand. We partner with key developers of the supply chain from hydrogen producers to hydrogen offtakers.

Liquid Hydrogen Vessels

LH₂ Carrier

Together with our strategic partners we have developed a liquid hydrogen vessel with a capacity of up to 30,000 m3. An Approval In Principle which certifies the compliance to the safety and design rules as set by the international maritime authorities was granted in 2023. This approval is the result of extensive cooperation with the hydrogen tank manufacturer, specialised cryogenic pump and cargo transfer equipment and a naval architect firm on the hull.

Liquid H₂ Import Terminals

ECOLOG is currently developing the world’s first large scale liquid hydrogen import, storage, regasification and transhipment facility. Together with our experienced stakeholder team, we have designed a safe and cost effective facility which provides hydrogen producers and offtakers with a flexible midstream solution.